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Shawn Johnston, Meetings Manager

Steven Kambouris, Meetings and Program Coordinator
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Helen Schneider-Lemay, Conference Manager

Shelley Arnott

Thad Scott

Susan Park, Ex. Dir.

Jeremy Tiemann

Daelyn Woolnough

Dave Zanatta

Ed Verhamme, June 2020 to June 2021 President

Scott McNaught, Treasurer

Paul Sibley, June 2019 to June 2020 President

Christine Manninen, Meeting Planner

Wendy Foster, Business Manager

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Lisa Borre, President elect

Sara Peel, Past President

Michelle Balmer, Board Member

Jo Latimore, Local Arrangements/Sponsorship

Erick Elgin, Local Arrangements

Diane Lauritsen, CASS Liason

Phycological Society of America

Amy Carlile, Exec. Dir. & Primary Meetings Coor

Dale Casamatta, President-Elect

Sabrina Heiser

Schonna Manning, Incoming Program Director


Andreas “Andy” Leidolf, Exec. Dir.

Michelle Baker

Lisa Anderson, Meetings Coordinator

Seth Tarver, USU Event Services

Alan Steinman, Meeting Co-Chair

Mark Luttenton, Meeting Co-Chair
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Loretta Battaglia, SWS President

Jenny Frey, Meetings Manager